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Clients & Employers within past 7 years

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Former Clients & Employers

Sure, this is a big list of logos from clients to employers. I had to talk and plan for some of the clients at different agencies I have joined, and I also executed the work and guided my teams from branding to CRM for some of the clients.

Advertising & Marketing Technology Firm

Group Of Companies

Banking & Financial Clients

Consumer Electronics

Telecommunication Company

Vehicles & Tyres

Training & Education


Food & Beverages

Restaurants & Cafe


Travel Tour & Hotels


Personal Branding

Passion Projects ❤️

Brands that keep me up at night, costing around $100 each and halting for various reasons.

From Google's competitor app stores to AI-based content platforms, all of these brands serve as my testing ground to refine my marketing skills.

Training Experiences 📢

Workshop, Training, Webinars, Mentorship for 80+ Organization

From world-leading smartphone brands to a student-based startup, I have had the opportunity to train, mentor, and guide various stakeholders, including marketers, product managers, CEOs, SME business owners, students, and farmers.