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"I am just a man Who Can't Help Falling in Love with Marketing."

Nan Oo (Burmese: နန်းဦး) is a Burmese digital marketing consultant known for his expertise in leveraging HubSpot CRM to drive results for startups, B2B, and SaaS companies.

Early Life

Nan Oo was born on July 10, 1998, in Ayadaw, Sagaing, Myanmar.



Nan Oo's educational background demonstrates a commitment to both teaching and marketing. He holds a Diploma in Teacher Education from Dawei Education College, equipping him with the skills to effectively instruct others.

In the marketing realm, he has earned a Diploma in Marketing Management from ICM, followed by an Executive Diploma in Business Management from City of Oxford College. Currently, Nan Oo is pursuing an MBA with a focus on thesis preparation at IBAS, while simultaneously completing an MBA in Digital Marketing at Harbour.Space@UTCC. This combination of qualifications positions him as a well-rounded professional with expertise in both marketing principles and digital marketing strategies.


Nan Oo's career in digital marketing began in July 2018 when he joined Digital Dots: Creative Digital Agency as a Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager. He stayed there for nearly two years, honing his skills in managing client accounts and developing digital marketing campaigns.

In May 2020, Nan Oo transitioned to B360 Marketing Technology Firm, a prominent marketing technology firm in Myanmar. He initially served as a Digital Marketing Account Director, leading client relationships and overseeing marketing strategies.

Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Chief Operations Officer (COO) in March 2020. In this role, he oversaw a team of over 30 employees and played a key role in the agency's success, including creating award-winning marketing campaigns for local and international clients.

Nan Oo's leadership skills and strategic vision were further recognized in January 2024 when he was appointed Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at BMG Music, a leading music company in Myanmar. Nan Oo has joined HubSpot solution partner program as a solution provider for Myanmar, Thai, Singapore and Malaysia regions.

Early Career (2016 - 2017)


Career Turning Point (2017 - 2018)


Career Acceleration (2019 - 2023)


Licenses & Certificates 

Meta Certificates

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate


14 x HubSpot Certificates

Delivering Sales Services

Marketing Hub Demo

Platform Consulting

Sales Enablement

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Revenue Operations

Service Hub Software

Marketing Hub Software

Client Management


Content Marketing

Delivering Client Success

Selling Sales Service


SEO Certificates

Content Knowledge Graph Fundamentals

SEO Principles: An Essential Guide for Beginners

Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean

Semrush Technical SEO course with Bastian Grimm


Google Certificates

Google Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

Google Ads Apps Certification

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Google Data Studio

Google Digital Unlocked - The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google Digital Sales Certification (Google closed the program after 2019)


Coursera Certificates

Social Media Management

Foundations of Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Meta Social Media Marketing Specialization


Messenger Marketing Experts by Manychat

Manychat Certified Expert


LinkedIn Learning Certificates

Social Media Marketing: Strategy & Optimization


Reuters Training Certificate

Introduction to Digital Journalism



Nan Oo is recognized as a leading marketing mentor. He has been featured as one of the "10 Marketing Mentors To Help Advance Your Career " for his guidance to Digital Marketing Executives, Managers, Business Owners, and individuals seeking deeper dives into marketing.

According to his ADPList Mentorship Profile (Nan Oo | ADPList Mentorship Profile,, he has dedicated over 1,110 minutes to mentoring others.

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