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Nan Oo is a Burmese Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant to Nonprofits, Startups, B2B & SaaS Companies who want to transform their marketing activities to deliver results by using HubSpot CRM within 30 Days.

He was Chief Operations Officer at B360 Marketing Technology Firm in Myanmar, where he oversaw and drove a team of 30+ people who created award-winning work for local and global clients.

HubSpot Certified Marketer

SEA Region HubSpot Provider & Partner

Nan Oo has officially joined HubSpot's Solutions Provider Program. He offers HubSpot CRM implementation and training services in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

HubSpot is a leading growth platform that partners with experts like us to help businesses thrive. Through their inbound software, services, and support, Nan Oo can provide you with even more powerful solutions.

The Solutions Partner Program is a network of specialists offering a variety of services, including marketing, sales, customer service, web design, CRM, and IT.

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Marketing Webinars

18 July

Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Unlock your potential on LinkedIn! Join our webinar on Building Your Personal Brand to learn expert tips for standing out, connecting authentically, and advancing your career. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your online presence.

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1 January

Digital Marketing Strategies in Covid 19

Navigate the digital landscape during Covid-19! Join our webinar on Digital Marketing Strategies to discover innovative approaches for thriving in challenging times. Learn effective tactics for engaging audiences, adapting campaigns, and driving success despite the pandemic.

Join Recorded Webinar

5 March

Show Me Your Career Path | Digital Agency Journey

Join our webinar to learn firsthand insights from the Digital Marketing Agency Journey. Gain practical tips, strategies, and lessons learned to accelerate your agency's growth. Don't miss this opportunity to pave your path to success.

Join Recorded Webinar

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I will write my finding, testing results, case studies and trending topics about Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding, Email Marketing, HubSpot CRM, Website Development, Marketing Technology & Career Development

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FAQs About Nan Oo & His Training

If you have more questions that hasn't been answer here, you can contact me via

Who is Nan Oo?

A well-known digital marketer in Myanmar. Nan Oo is an expert who can help businesses grow across digital platforms and is passionate about sharing his Digital Marketing knowledge.

Read his bio on Nan Oo's bio page..

Does Nan Oo has Meta Blueprint Certified?

Yes, Nan has a Meta Blueprint certificates for Digital Marketing Associate.

Does Nan Oo really know HubSpot CRM?

Nan Oo is a HubSpot Lobby from Myanmar and he masters HubSpot CRM from importing contacts to scaling your whole business.

He has 15 HubSpot Certificates which is not very important but good for you to understand his effort.

He also led an award-winning HubSpot CRM implementation team.

2022 - HubSpot Product Excellence Award for

2023 - HubSpot Product Excellence Award for Grand Royal Group

Does Nan Oo give Corporate Training?

Yes, he does Corporate Digital Marketing Training. He has trained companies like vivo, Marlarmyaing Group, Urban Furniture Group, Thate Pun Hub, Sabai Jobs.

Does Nan Oo give 1:1 Digital Marketing Consultation?

Yes, you can book 1:1 Digital Marketing Consultation at contact us page.

Does Nan Oo has a degree related to Digital Marketing?

Currently, he is studying master's degree in digital marketing at Harbour.Space University

Why Nan Oo is a Full-stack Marketer?

Nan started his Digital marketing journey as self-taught and mostly relied on YouTube videos and Google Skill Shop Certificates. His passion has led him to sleepless nights that he has been testing different digital marketing techniques. You can see him busy with CRM, Automation Tools, writing contents (from blogs to search ads copy), Optimizing YouTube and Websites all days. Due to his hard working, he became Chief Operations Officer at B360 Marketing Technology Firm although he was only 23 years old.

Which language is used in the courses?

I use "Burmese" language for students from Myanmar. But if you want this whole course in "English" language, you can contact me.

Can I learn digital marketing in 3 months?

Yes!  In fact, my digital marketing courses are designed to be completed in 3 months or even less. These courses typically focus on the fundamentals of digital marketing, such as SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing.  If you're looking for a more in-depth understanding of the field, there are also advanced courses available that take longer to complete.

Is digital marketing very difficult?

Digital Marketing is not very difficult if you are really passionate about the subject. My practical courses are here to help you master digital marketing.

Nan Oo Digital Marketing Consultant

Interested? Let's Work Together

If you or your team want to get better at digital marketing, I give talks, training, and work on consulting projects with companies and agencies.